Every third Friday from 6-10 p.m., Downtown Chandler welcomes over 50 local artists to the historic square.

The Art Walk provides a fun family atmosphere where you can browse the many different types of art available from our talented artists. It’s a monthly event featuring local artists and musicians, and is a great opportunity to visit all of the unique establishments in downtown Chandler.

All artists must go through a jury process to be accepted in the Art Walk. Only fine art and fine craft submissions will be considered.

Some of the Art Types Represented

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Glass Art
  • Pottery
  • Woodworking
  • Jewelry
  • Metal Work
  • Mixed Media
  • Accessories
  • Sculptures


The Chandler Art Walk is produced by the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership (DCCP), a nonprofit that provides enhanced marketing and safety & beautification services for the Downtown Chandler area. We focus on making downtown a fun, attractive and safe place for both Valley residents and visitors to enjoy.

We are located in the Downtown Chandler Historic Square at 3 S. Arizona Ave. Click map for directions.



Important Business Services which can help Local Businesses in Downtown Chandler

Chandler is a lively bustling city in Arizona which is brimming with life and energy. There are many recreational and necessary facilities available. There are walkways, local restaurants, art galleries, romantic diners, and brewery as well. The local shops include bridal shops, cowboy shops for kids. There are many events as well which take place at regular intervals. There are different art events as well like Indian Chandler Art Event which encourages the Indian culture preservation. One famous of these is the Art Walk which takes place at the Historic Square to appreciate and encourages all the new artists.

That being said, below in this article you will find the most Important Business Services including SEO Company which can help local business grow in Downtown Chandler.

SEO Services – Like every other big city, Downtown also has a lot of online presence of its local business outlets. The Search Engine Optimization or SEO services also known as internet marketing always offered by SEO Company makes it possible for the businesses to have an online business boost due to their website optimization which is the key to online business success. These service providers can help bring in more business by highlighting the thriving online businesses in Downtown.

Law & Real Estate Services – These centralized services are also available in downtown for general public. The Real Estate services include buying, selling or transferring of properties around the city. There are many realtors based in Chandler which can help you get the property if you are planning to own one.  Similarly, there are many private law firms and many experienced practicing attorneys also available who practice a variety of areas.

Centre of Arts – It’s a community based arts center which hosts many art festivals, exhibitions, educational performances and historic displays. It’s a great place to represent the performing visual arts and cultural heritage displays. The place is also available for public or private events rentals.

There is an art walk event which takes place every Friday. This event takes place to encourage and acknowledge emerging artists of all levels. This is a sponsored event and the sponsorship details are also provided in case one would want to host one of these events.

Restaurants and Art Galleries – The restaurants around are quite colorful and have plentiful cuisines to choose from. The chefs are equally passionate and can really challenge and satiate your taste buds. There are many famous regional food chains if you want to stick with one type of cuisine. So, there are a lot of cafés scattered on under the stars patios, restaurants and Pizzerias around. As for the art galleries, there are many cultural portrayals and you can have a look around in many of the private and public art galleries. There are museums as well which feature variety of cultural exhibits and also have many historical archives at viewers’ disposal. You will also find a Western American and Native American art gallery which has numerous artwork displays in several art mediums.

Other than above mentioned services, Chandler always welcomes new businesses who wish to venture in the local market or take up partnership on the already existing businesses. In this regard, Business workshops, marketing, and promotional events also take place regularly to provide opportunities to those who are looking forward to invest in Chandler.